Hi, my name is Yve and I am the founder of English for All. I am originally from Australia, am a qualified primary school teacher, and have 2 children of my own. My eldest was almost 7 when we came to Zurich from London, so she had already spent over 3 years in the UK schooling system and was able to read and spell to a competent level when we arrived. I continue to work with to strengthen her English writing skills and she enjoys doing small topical projects that reflect events that are current around the world. 


My son on the other hand had just turned 3 when we arrived in Zurich, so it has been solely my job to teach him to read and write in English. Teaching him inspired me to take on other students.


Now I offer English tutoring, teaching other native English speaking children to read and spell in English. I also provide bespoke teaching/learning packages for parents that want to teach their own children from the comfort of their own home.


Locally, I run a number of  English clubs  for the no-English speaking children in our area of Zürich. My children attend the local Swiss school where we live and we are very much at home here in Switzerland.



M: 076 281 8488

Yvonne (Yve) Black


Founder & Teacher


I graduated from the Queensland University of Technology, (QUT) Australia with a Bachelor Of Teaching Primary in 1992.


Before moving to Zurich in 2012, I lived in London for 11 years.


I have been working as a private English teacher in Zurich since 2014.