How does the Library work?

Access to the Library is via a membership subscription and is open to all Switzerland residents with a range of pick up and delivery options available.

This is an on-line library with members reviewing and selecting all items on-line via their secure log-in.  The Library is open to members each Tuesday between 9am -11am and Thursday between 4pm-6pm at Letzacherstrasse 6, Fällanden.

There are over 1400 items available for loan in the English for All Library for ages 1 - 13 and includes Books, Games, Audio Books and DVDs, including a large range of The Oxford Reading Tree phonics books, with NEW items and new releases added MONTHLY.


You can browse the library at any time, and once you become a member you can commence borrowing items and managing your account online (view quick tutorial here).

There are 4 membership types (plus delivery*):


    • 6 mths - 70.-        

    • Family membership 6 mths - 105.-

    • 12 mths - 120.-   

    • Family membership 12 mths - 180.-

 - members can borrow up to 10 books at a time​

 - family membership customers can borrow up to 20 books at a time


    • 6 mths - 120.-      

    • Family membership 6 mths - 180.-

    • 12 mths - 150.-  

    • Family membership 12 mths - 225.-

- members can borrow up to 10 books, 1 game, 2 DVDs and 2 Audio books at a time

- family membership customers can borrow up to 20 books, 2 games, 3 DVDs and 3 Audio books at a time

Items are loaned for a period of up to 4 weeks.  


Items can be returned within that period and new items borrowed. View full Terms and Conditions here

* Pickup / Delivery options:

  1. Member picks up and drops off items to English for All, Letzacherstrasse 6, Fällanden - 0 charge

  2. Residents of Küsnacht, Zumikon, Zollikon, Zollikerberg, Witikon, Hottingen and Hirslanden can choose to have items delivered and picked up on the first and third Wednesday of each month for a small yearly fee of 60.-

  3. Residents of Egg, Meilen and Männedorf can choose to have items delivered and picked up on the first and third Thursday of each month for a small yearly fee of 60.-     

  4. Monthly Postal delivery service anywhere within Switzerland (books only) for a yearly fee of 120.-

More about the English for All Library

English for All's English library has been especially created to help families in supporting their children to learn and/or improve their comprehension of English.

There are books of all genres and levels to suit children aged 1 - 13 years, fun and simple games that the whole family can enjoy, plus a wide range of children's DVDs to suit all ages and tastes.

  • Perfect for English speaking families; picture books to read to your child, phonics and first reader books to support your child's English reading and comprehension, plus plenty of interesting and engaging books for older readers.​

  • Support your child's English learning by complementing their English at school with English books, games and DVDs.

  • There are plenty of books, games and DVDs ideal for non-English speaking families. Introduce your child to the English language early through reading them picture books, playing English themed games and watching movies and children's English tv programs. 

The English for All library is designed to make accessing English resources simple and readily available.


Learning English is fun, whether your child is a native speaker or a student learning English at one of the local schools.

If your child cannot or does not enjoy reading, read to them! Play games, watch films...expose them to the English language. The library is here to enhance your child's learning in a fun way.

I have had numerous enquiries from parents asking about my English tuition, saying that their child enjoys watching English television shows and has a natural attraction to the English language. This resource is ideal for these families!

As mentioned previously, this library had been developed to be of service to the local community, so I have kept the membership fees to a minimum. I hope you find it simple to use and a positive addition to the development of your child's English. I will continue to add new books, games and DVDs as the weeks progress, so be sure to check for new titles.

Happy reading, watching and playing!!!