Access to the Library is via a membership subscription and is open to all residents in Switzerland.

There are 4 membership types:

Books only:                        

  • 6 months (70 CHF) 

  • 12 months (120 CHF)


Members can borrow up to 10 books at a time​.  The standard lending period is 28 days, however books may be returned within the lending period and new books loaned.


PLEASE NOTE: Members in this category will still see Games and DVDs in the on-line library, however they are unable to borrow these items.  If the member wishes to upgrade to the Books, Games & DVD membership, they can contact English for All directly to arrange this.  Fees will be calculated by English for All dependent on the length of membership subscription still remaining at the time of upgrade at a rate of 3 CHF per month, or part thereof, for the remaining term of membership.

Books, Games and DVDs:

  • 6 months (120 CHF)

  • 12 months (150 CHF)    


Members can borrow up to 10 books, 1 game, 2 Audio books  and 2 DVDs at a time.  The standard lending period is 28 days, however items may be returned within the lending period and new items loaned.


A person must register as a member in order to obtain access to the on-line library.  To commence borrowing items they must purchase a membership subscription via the English for All website and agree to the library Terms and Conditions.  


English for All will receive advice via an automated message from their website and the member will be provided with a member log-in to the English for All Library website via email within 2 days of receive of the order.


The term of the member’s subscription will commence one day after the email has been sent by English to All to the new member.


All browsing, selecting and reserving of items by members is via the on-line English for All Library.


The member can place items on hold via the on-line library, up to the allocated number of items available to them in their package.  Should the member choose more items than is allowed on their current membership, English for All will allocate the first items on the list up to the allocated number of items allowed.  Additional items may be issued at the discretion of English for All.


When an item has been placed on hold via the on-line library by the member, English for All will automatically receive notification and will package the item/s for collection by the member.  The member will be notified by email within 2 days of them placing the item on hold that they are available for collection.


Members are responsible for all items borrowed under their membership and for all charges incurred in respect of such items.


The normal loan period for items is 28 days (items may be returned prior to this time and new items borrowed).


Items must be returned or renewed before the date due for return.  Overdue fees apply – see Charges below.


Items may be renewed via email. No renewal will be granted for items in demand or for items reserved for other members.


Members may choose 1 of 3 delivery options:

1.  Items are picked up from and returned to English for All at Letzacherstrasse 6, Fällanden (no additional cost).


2. A fortnightly delivery service on the first and third Wednesday of each month is available to residents of Küsnacht, Zumikon, Zollikon, Zollikerberg, Witikon, Hottingen or Hirslanden for an additional charge of 60 CHF per year.  Residents of Egg, Meilen and Männedorf can choose to have items delivered and picked up on the first and third Thursday of each month for a small yearly fee of 60CHF per year.  Residents of these areas are still able to join the library without being involved in the delivery option, with all items to be picked up from and returned to Letzacherstrasse 6, Fällanden.

The delivery fee of 60 CHF per year (30 CHF for 6 month subscriptions) is required to be paid by members with their membership fees.

Delivery or pick up of items will be made by English for All to the member's mailbox.  Members are required to place selected items on hold via the on-line Library no later than midday of the Tuesday prior to the scheduled delivery date

Items requiring to be picked up by English for All are to be placed in the member's mailbox by 9am on scheduled delivery date and the member is required to email English for All to advise that items are requiring collection.

3. Monthly Postal delivery service anywhere within Switzerland (books only) for a yearly fee of CHF 120 (CHF 60 for 6 month subscription).  This fee covers the cost of postage to the member Packaging for the return of the books will be provided to the member, with the member to pay the postage for the return of books to English for All.

CHARGES (in addition to membership subscription)

Overdue items

Additional charges will be payable for each day that an item is kept on loan after it’s due date. (Contact English For All via email if for any reason you are not able to return the items on time and need the items to be extended.)


Late fees:

1 CHF for each item up to 1 week past due date, plus a daily charge of 1 CHF per item per day after 1 week of being late.


Lost or damaged items

Members are responsible for paying the replacement value, as assessed by English for All, of any item lost or damaged whilst on loan to them.


English for All has the discretion to suspend library membership to members who fail to return items or fail to pay charges after due notification or otherwise fail to comply with these Terms & Conditions.


Members will receive an email from English for All three weeks prior to the members’ subscription expiring inviting them to renew their membership.

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