Private English Tutoring

Learning to read and write in English should be fun and rewarding! I work with children from the age of 5 through to 12, from very beginners learning their first letter sounds to children wishing to expand their English vocabulary and improve their grammar.


I use a combination of educational games, puzzles, workbooks and personally developed resources when I teach.


I am a fully qualified Australian Primary School Teacher and have two children (10 and 7 years), who attend the local Swiss school where we live. 

My daughter spent her first 3 years of school in London, so I am familiar with the teaching system in England. This is one of the reasons why I use the Oxford Reading Tree method which is used in 80% of English schools.


My wide range of workbooks, reading books, games and puzzles are based on this system and I use phonics as the starting point for teaching reading.


I am passionate about early education and get great satisfaction out of watching children's literacy skills develop. All lessons take place in my home in Fällanden, Zurich. 

Reading and writing for English speakers. 

Includes the teaching of phonics, spelling, reading, grammar and reading comprehension. 

40 mins - 50.-

60 mins - 75.-

Tuition Fees