Each program is designed for you based on you and your child's individual requirements. This is not a one program fits all package! What you can however expect from the program is:

What does the Package Include?

  • a list of apps and websites that are useful and that compliment the book series you will be working with


  • ongoing support and email contact if needed​


  • the ability to borrow up to 30 books over a 3 month period from my extensive Children's English Library. Membership to the library and postage of 3 packages, (including return postage) is included in the price of the program. Choose books from the Oxford Reading Tree series, Usborne Books series...just to name a few. I have over 1200 books suitable for all ages in my children's library. You can access my library from this website. 

Total cost of the package, including your very own plan, workbooks, activities, homework pages, games and access for 3 month to the Children's English Library is Chf 195-

Parent Coaching and Bespoke English Reading and Spelling programs.


Sending your child to an English class or to an English tutor is a good option, as these people have experience and have a tried and tested method of teaching. The reality though, is that not everyone has access to these types of classes.


They may not exist in your area, you might work and not be able to take your child to classes, they might be too expensive, your child might not want someone else to teach them...there can be numerous reason why classes might not work for you and your family.

English for All offers you a personalised package so that 'you' are able to teach your child at home - at a time that suits you - with all of the resources you need and an easy plan to follow.

To get started, I would first need some information from you about your child; their age, current English literacy level, interests, how they enjoy learning and what other languages are spoken at home.


I would also require some extra information about your family, such as other siblings that may have already learnt to read and spell in English.


Are there any other family members or English speaking friends that live locally and could be involved? And also very importantly, how much time do you have available to spend teaching, playing and reading with your child?

  • How do I teach my child to read and spell in English?


  • When should I begin?


  • What resources will I need?


  • I am not a teacher...how do I actually begin teaching them?


  • I am tired of spending money on books, websites, apps etc that do not compliment each other and just cause confusion!


  • Where can I find help?

How it works.
Do you ask yourself these questions?
  • your very own personal plan

  • resources that are appropriate to your child's ability, (workbooks and worksheets)

  • ideas for fun activities, craft and games that make the learning fun


  • ideas to engage children that have specific learning styles